Swimming Pool Repair Services

Service Calls

We offer $50 service calls and if we are able to repair the problem during the diagnosis and no additional parts are required - we won’t charge you anymore than the original service fee.

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Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

We can handle any type of swimming pool equipment installation or repair. Our knowledgeable service technicians will diagnose the problem with your pool and determine the most economical and affordable solution. From replacing pool pump motors to wiring custom automation - we'll get it done right!

Fountain Hills and North Scottsdale, AZ Pool Repairs

Most Common Pool Repairs

Pumps and Motors
(including variable speed)
In-Floor Cleaning Systems
Salt Generators
Plumbing Repairs
Vacuum Equipment

Weekly Pool Cleaning and Maintence Packages

Pool Service Maintenance Packages

We have weekly pool cleaning packages to fit any budget. We do not sacrifice quality for price and our "No Contract Ever Policy" gives you the freedom to fire us at any time and for any reason!

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Special Pool Maintence and Cleaning Services

Sometimes your swimming pool needs extra attention! We are ready to handle any additional care that your pool needs to keep looking clean all year long.

Below are some of the most common services that we provide. If you are unsure of exactly what service your swimming pool needs and want to restore your personal backyard oasis, then call us today!

  • Shock Treatment
  • Green To Clean Service
  • Drain And Refill
  • One Time Clean-up
  • Cartridge Cleaning
  • D.E. Grid Cleaning and Recharge

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning

When it comes to removing tough calcium deposits - bead or salt blasting is a must.

Clear Choice Pools will safely and effectively remove calcium deposits from your pool tile - including ceramic, glass, Pebble Tec and stone.

We use natural mineral salts on pool tile leaving it free of etching and damage, unlike glass beads which can damage your glass and ceramic tile. Trying to remove these deposits with scrub brushes or pumice stones can be very time consuming and ineffective.

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Swimming Pool Acid Washing

Has your pool has taken on the appearance of a swamp, or do you just want a fresh clean looking pool surface?

Acid washing your swimming pool during the warm Arizona weather can help.

Acid washing is also known as having your pool “drained and cleaned”. Your pool need this type of cleaning when it has algae or grime built up from to a lack of propper pool maintenance.

The purpose of acid washing is to strip the top layer of plaster to reveal a fresh layer of plaster underneath. Acid washing can also help revitalize your Pebble Tec pool as well. It is not recommended to acid wash your pool frequently, but we take the proper precautions before and after acid washing.

Our Pool Acid Wash Process

1 Drain the pool.
The pool will be completely drained along with removing any debris that remains.
2 Change into protective gear.
3 Mixing the acid with water.
Mixing a 50/50 mixture of muratic acid and water
4 Pre-soak the walls with water.
5 Pour the acid mixture on the wall.
We will apply the acid mixture to the wall from top to bottom in sections at a time, leaving the acid on the plaster for about 30 seconds. During this time, we will begin scrubbing your pool wall with a brush.
6 We neutralize the pool after completing the acid wash.
Acid washing leaves a foamy puddle of residue on the bottom of the pool which requires neutralizing before it damages the plaster. We will routinely neutralize the water during the entire process.

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